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Who said a vacation couldn’t be a rich learning experience? For some, the idea of a vacation means lounging out, emptying the brain, and doing almost nothing for at least a week. For others, it is an opportunity to grow, take on new challenges, and embrace new communities.

This is all possible on Siesta Key, and there is one such option to really elevate the vacation experience. Can you learn music while on vacation?

The answer is yes, and it is with the rewarding and enriching program known as Positive RePercussions. These music classes in Siesta Key give you an entry point into a brand new vacation opportunity in scenic and vibrant Siesta Key.

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Visit Positive RePercussions

Put simply, Positive RePercussions is a resource to play music. The tagline, “Engaging Lives Through Rhythm,” stresses the significance of playing music as a therapeutic activity. The group offers classes and workshops where visitors come and jam out, exercise their mental well-being, and have an incredible and social-filled time.

Programs and Learning

The above description only scratches the surface of the Positive RePercussions drum store of Siesta Key. There are many classes available to take on a daily basis, Tuesdays through Sundays.

Right now, their selection of music classes while vacationing in Siesta Key fit into several specific programs for the following categories:

  • Teens
  • Seniors and elderly care
  • Education
  • Mental health and special needs
  • Children
  • Adults

The adult’s program encompasses a broad range of activities and interests. Music is a form of positive change, and the theme of the course is healing through playing. This includes emotional wellness, as well as that fruitful and emotive feeling of being young-at-heart.

What is a Positive RePercussions Class Like?

There are multiple classes each day, Tuesday through Sunday. They usually last about 90 minutes. Classes are typically around 10 to 11 a.m. until the mid-afternoon, and then again at around 7 p.m. for the evening classes.

Tickets should be purchased ahead of time. It is usually around $15 for a family, but prices can vary moderately based on the program type and the size of a group.

A single class may have anywhere from three to 25 participants all ready to learn. Depending on the scope of the course, it usually involves some practiced playing.


The instructor will offer clear guidelines, so visitors aren’t senselessly and noisily banging away. The drums are the most common instrument, as the basic conventions of play can realistically be taught in an hour and a half and with a large group.

Visitors will learn basic rhythm patterns, how to achieve different tones, and how to play off the rhythms of others. The instructor will also explain how drumming can reduce stress, relieve anxieties, and act as a powerful tool for emotional stability and well-being.

Overall, you get to learn how to play percussion in a practical way. What better way to complement a vacation getaway?

The Siesta Key Drum Circle

The team of Positive RePercussions collaborates with the group at the Siesta Key Drum Circle. This drum circle activity and gathering is one of the most riveting island activities. Visitors take their own drum to participate in the grand social event of the island every Sunday night. You can find a drum to purchase at Positive RePercussions – the perfect Siesta Key souvenir for your Florida vacation.

Hundreds gather at 948 Beach Rd on Siesta Key. Visit the website for the Siesta Key Drum Circle for event details and schedule. The event is every Sunday evening.

Your instructor can offer you specific news about the massive get-together and how to get involved. Who knows, the instructor may be participating in or even leading the Siesta Key event!

The team at Positive RePercussions strives to improve the quality-of-life of all visitors who come on out and jam out. You could find a grandma, by herself, playing her heart out and letting loose on a drum.

You can find a group of nervous and shy children letting the rhythm provide them with a controlled energy you never thought they could have.

Plan Your Next Trip

This is a special kind of activity in a special kind of place. Browse and book one of our online rentals today to stay on nearby beautiful Crescent Beach and participate in what these musical events and workshops have to offer.

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