What to Buy When You Visit CB’s Saltwater Outfitters

There’s something special in the air when you hit the Siesta Key Marina and see the majestic boats, the intriguing boat names, and the water hitting the docks. It’s like an introduction, or a port, to the world of the waters all along Florida’s coast.

It is perhaps this spirited sense of adventure atop the waters that drew you to Florida in the first place. As exciting as the possibilities can be, you have to come prepared. Siesta Key is home to a wide range of boat rental providers.

What to Buy When You Visit CB’s Saltwater Outfitters || Crystal Sands

Siesta Key boat rentals offer first-rate access to the gulf, with many amenities and features available to ease you into the adventure. But you can come stocked up with some accessories of your own, from the gear you use to the clothes you wear.

One such hub of boat exploration, gear, and apparel is CB’s Saltwater Outfitters. This acclaimed local stop is your catch-all resource for anything and everything to enhance your fishing charter experience.

Discover exactly what to buy when you want to go fishing while on vacation. What is a must-buy and what is recommended, prior to joining the waters?

Tackle and Gear

CB’s Saltwater Outfitters offers boat rentals. Fortunately for you, the team also offers plenty of places and ways to stock up. Not only is the location a premier place for a charter trip, but it is also one of the best shops for tackle and bait in Siesta Key.

It’s a good idea figure out one clear fact before you buy bait and tackle. You need to know the seasonal catch and what they are resistant to. Your captain can angle for a few specific types of fish, but if you are bringing your own gear or fishing on your own, you have to have the right equipment to seal the deal.

Your tackle is often more important than your rod. Don’t worry about having a cheap or affordable rod, as your gear will be designed on size, aggressiveness, and more. You can find a whole section for flies, tapered leaders, and tippets.

So what to buy when you want to go fishing while on vacation? The answer often rests in the type of fishing and the desired catch. For example, Tarpon hunters should often utilize a 12-weight fly rod. It is the standard for Tarpon during the peak season of June and July.

But inshore hunts are designed for fast and light action. Spinning reels spooled with 10-15lb main line are recommended. They are often tied to a 20-30 lb. leader.

These two examples represent the range of fishing styles. Stick with what you know, but also absorb new information from the crew at CB’s Saltwater Outfitters. They stand as the best saltwater outfitter in Florida.

Practical Necessities

The Florida summer season is a hot one. The sun reflects off the water, doubling the heat impact. You need to make sure you are properly equipped with the practical necessities for fishing the Gulf, including sunglasses, a hat, flip flops, and light-colored t-shirts.

You may also need sunscreen, carry bags, and a cooler to store your catch. The captain will have a dedicated place while fishing, but you have to get what you caught back to your vacation rental.

You can ask the captain for additional details on how to outfit your fishing trip on vacation. You may realize new things you didn’t even consider. A windbreaker is great for keeping you dry, especially in the early morning mist or during rainfall.

fish in the ocean

Gloves can protect you from biting and cutting, as some aggressive fish species are known to do. Finally, non-skid rubber-soled shoes can protect you from slipping and busting your head. As convenient as flip-flops are, they lack some practical use, especially if you intend to get in some serious angling battles.

These are just a few fishing apparel considerations, but there are many more. You should seek out what makes you comfortable. Your selections should also meet your current comfort level with fishing as a whole. Are you cozy on rough seas? Do you hate to get wet (though you love seeing the water)? Are you an interested novice or a challenger seeking a very specific type of catch?

No matter your experience level, always remember that learning new aspects of fishing is valuable and exciting. The team can guide you exactly where to go fishing in Siesta Key or you can explore on your own boat rental and follow your instinct.

Consider joining the crew of CB’s Saltwater Outfitters for a fantastic journey to the gulf. Expand your horizons, take on new challenges, and come prepared for the adventure ahead.

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