What to Do at the Siesta Beach Seafood and Music Festival

Siesta Beach is a frolicking fun time. You can’t escape the water-filled activities, the marvelous views, the wonderful Siesta Key vacation rentals, or the many seasonal events – nor would you ever want to! While Siesta Beach is a great place to see year-round, few times are as brilliant and exciting as early December, leading right into the holiday season.

Siesta Beach does it right. Right on the first day of December, the community brings sensational seafood and some awesome music to the Gulf of Mexico.

Siesta Beach Seafood & Music Festival || Siesta Key || Crystal Sands Siesta Key

When and Where?

The Siesta Beach Seafood and Music Festival happens every December at the beginning of the month for a couple of days from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. This Siesta Key art festival revolves around music and some of the best Florida seafood you can get your hands on.

The event is at Siesta Beach on 948 Beach Rd in Sarasota. Parking accommodations are available at the Siesta Beach parking. Consider Beach Rd. parking and public transportation for alternatives.

Good Times

In some ways, the event is two sides of a single coin. You can snack on seafood while enjoying the music, and take in both of best worlds at the Siesta Beach Seafood Festival.

First up is the seafood. It is predominantly cooked on site by masters from local restaurants. The seafood selections are decided prior to the event. This means that the ingredients used and the seafood provided is fresh and locally-sourced from the Gulf Coast. Seafood is responsibly sourced using sustainable ocean resources.

You can expect a variety of fish, alongside meat options, vegetarian dishes, and a helping of desserts. Even non-seafood lovers are sure to find a special lunch treat.

A variety of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks will be available.

Siesta Beach Seafood & Music Festival || Siesta Key || Crystal Sands on Siesta Key


There’s no end to the number of island genres represented at this Sarasota seafood and music festival. Appreciate some laid-back blues, some funky jazz, a taste of some smooth R&B, and good ol’ rock and roll straight from Florida.

The music generally has a strong Caribbean feel to keep the good vibes going throughout the weekend. Performance times are expected to be posted a few days before the event.

Local vendors will also have items available. Find some cool local art, jewelry, and other handcrafted delights by checking out the vendor tents.


General admission to this Siesta Beach music festival is free. There is no cost for arriving to Siesta Beach and soaking in the sights. You walk the white sand shores while the seafood smells float in the air and the music glides over the water. Of course, there are costs for food.

You can order seafood from a local purveyor as you see fit or enjoy the all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. The buffet is for VIP access only, which is $130 per person. This also includes access to a premium drink open bar and a private tended area. VIP attendees will also receive service from a wait staff. Get the most out of this big annual event.

Plan Your Visit

You can’t go far from your Siesta Key vacation rental without running into one of the Florida seafood festivals. This is definitely one of the best. Siesta Key and Sarasota visitors can find a whole lot to love at this Sarasota seafood festival. Take in the jams, the sights, and the tastes of everything that makes Florida a prized place to be.

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