Flying High When You Parasail Siesta Key

What is the best kind of adventure you can go on in Siesta Key? Siesta Key has a lot of different things to do, and you could spend your whole trip bouncing from one activity to the other – just don’t forget to take some time to just sit back and enjoy the views!

Thrill-seekers and families want to find the most adventurous activity for all. On Siesta Key, this has to be parasailing. Parasailing in Siesta Key is an exciting and adrenaline-pumping activity unmatched by anything else. While staying at one of our Siesta Key luxury vacation condos, enjoy your island adventure above the water.

So, who offers parasailing adventures on Siesta Key, and what do you need to know before strapping in? Below is our guide to flying high.

people parasailing

Getting to Know Your Parasail Crew

Parasailing is fun for all ages, and your crew should make that readily apparent. Parasail Siesta is the island’s most popular provider. They offer favorable group rates for 8 or more and are open every day of the week with generous hours starting at 8 a.m.

They have rides for solos, doubles, or triples. Their trips usually soaring through the air over the Gulf of Mexico while being towed behind boat. The guide will try to find a great wind spot and a clear area to set your group up and get you gliding perfectly.

Don’t be afraid to take it up a notch. The crew can carry you upwards of 800 feet in the air.

Reservations for parasailing in Siesta Key with any provider are highly recommended and are usually booked at least a week in advance. Be aware of this when planning your vacation getaway.

Plan Your Next Stay

Few water activities in Siesta Key are as memorable as parasailing. We definitely recommend getting up and getting out there when you visit the island. Contact us for additional information. If you need to book one of our vacation condo rentals on Siesta Key today, visit our online listings. We are confident we have a sensational rental just for you.

4 Things You Need to Know for Parasailing

Parasailing adventures are amazing. You get to glide gracefully over the Gulf of Mexico – literally. Who could ask for a more ambitious trip available to the whole family?

But what do you need to know to properly prepare for a trip? While you can just wing it with some sneakers, a bathing suit, and some enthusiasm, we have some tips for you to get the most out of the experience.

boat with parasailers attached

Basic Movement

It doesn’t take a lot to learn how to parasail. Your guide will absolutely offer some help. But if you are still a little nervous, just remember this: you don’t have to do anything.

That’s right. There are no basic maneuvers or movement. You simply glide along. It’s so easy you could fall asleep doing it – but don’t, because you’ll miss the panoramic views.


Communication won’t necessarily be easy. You won’t hear family from the boat and they won’t hear you! Keep this in mind and prepare a non-verbal cue for “need to get down” or “go higher,” and other possible commands.


You can definitely take photographs on your trip. Some providers, for liability reasons, may not allow you to bring a non-waterproof camera (or any camera at all) in the air. Be aware of this and ask ahead for photo details. The provider is likely to take photographs and offer a photo package for your convenience.

Age and Weight Limits

You will want to contact your service provider of choice for details, but the general rule of thumb is a minimum weight of 100 and age of 16 for solos, though these requirements may vary between providers. Riders under a certain age typically have to ride tandem with an adult, and no more than three people are allowed in the air at once.

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