The Trick to Standing on a Paddle Board and Having a Grand Adventure

Over the years paddle boarding in Siesta Key has grown in popularity. It’s now just as accessible as kayaking, surfing, or jet skiing. The area is filled with pristine beaches and exciting watersports, so it’s really no wonder why. All this is minutes away from any of our Siesta Key beachfront rentals.

What exactly is paddleboarding? Think of it as a cross between kayaking and surfing, using a large paddle to glide through the water while lying flat, kneeling, or standing on the board. Eventually, you will want to know how to stand up on a paddleboard.

The most important thing to remember is that your environment is key to getting started on the right foot. You want to find a calm, sandy beach or grassy plain with a soft incline. Strong winds can cause waves that rock your board, but also push you around while standing and make learning a lot more difficult.

Common Beginner Mistakes

It’s useful to review some paddleboarding beginner mistakes and balancing tips to get you started. First off, getting the right equipment is half the battle. A wide and thick board will help with balance. A board leash ties you to the board and can help you get right back up if you fall without worrying about the board drifting off. A paddle just a bit taller than you are will help you keep your back straight while paddling rather than bending over.

Don’t just jump on the board on the beach. Wade into the water first and watch out for the fin at the bottom of the board. It might get stuck in the ground or get damaged if you aren’t careful. Get on with your knees first and get comfortable with the motions of paddling. Even experienced riders often start on their knees when getting on the paddle.

Hold the paddle so your arms are perpendicular to it. Make sure the “blade” part that curves out is pointing forward to push the water down and not up at your face. Many people neglect this, end up splashing themselves, and have a harder time moving.

woman on paddleboard on Siesta Key water

Balancing Tips

When standing, curl your toes and bring one foot forward. With your back straight, push yourself up with your legs. Use your hands to stabilize by pressing down on the board.

  • Relax your feet. Too much pressure will wear them out quickly. Always stand flat on your feet, back straight and head up. Look towards the horizon.
  • Let the water ebb and flow. Staying in motion helps to keep your balance. Once you’re paddling, don’t stop abruptly.
  • Make sure you’re standing roughly midway on your paddleboard. You don’t want either end sticking up out of the water too much. Move one foot at a time to adjust.

Plan Your Next Adventure

Between paddleboarding adventures, biking around the island, or shelling, you’ll likely soak up some sun on one of our many beautiful beaches. No matter what you do in Siesta Key, be sure to explore the islands around the area and take time to relax. Whatever your needs, there’s a place for you on our map of Siesta Key condos.

Best Beaches for Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is just one of the many things to do in Siesta Key, so you’ll find many great watersports stores with rentals and gear to get you started. However, there are a couple of launch points that really stand out. These will help make sure your first paddling experience is a blast.


Turtle Beach at the south tip of Siesta Key is not too far from the rest of the key, but there are far fewer people than Siesta Beach. Siesta Paddle Sports is also a short walk away to provide rentals and equipment. It’s super beginner-friendly, has a wonderfully chill vibe, with wildlife, birds, and shells scattered throughout. In fact, Turtle Beach is one of the best beaches to find shells in Siesta Key, a perfect break after an invigorating paddle.

The Mangroves on the south tip of Lido Key just above Siesta Key are also an excellent spot. The water-based plants from which this park gets its name from an oasis with lush greenery. The plants also help to screen you from the wind, making for calm waters and a smoother ride. It’s a county park so it’s well maintained. Many companies host kayak or paddling tours here, activities which are well worth it if you’re looking for some instruction or people to paddle with.

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