Kayak Day Trip Easy Way to Spot Amazing Wildlife

Siesta Key beachfront rentals offer amazing views and ample opportunities to lay out in the sun, but Siesta Key is also filled with wildlife. If you’re adventurous, kayak tours will allow you to get out on the water and see more of what the island has to offer.

Where to Book a Kayak Tour

Kayak tours in Siesta Key are offered by a lot of different companies. You’ll find that there are bike companies, rental companies, and even companies that offer parasailing in Siesta Key that also offer kayaking tours.

kayak paddles

The top companies offering tours include:

Siesta Key Bike & Kayak (1224 Old Stickney Point Road)

Siesta Key Bike & Kayak is the top rental company in the area. You can ask for instruction, or you can go out on the water on your own. Kayak eco-tours are available, too. The service is impeccable, and the kayaks are comfortable, with lightweight paddles.

Kayaking SRQ Tours and Rentals (190 Taft Drive)

Kayaking SRQ Tours offer options to take tours in groups or to watch the sunset. Tours are available in Lido Key and Siesta Key. The guided eco-tour is the most common option and includes options for adults and kids 12 and under.

The guides are friendly and can provide insights into the surrounding areas, such as the mangroves and why it’s important to preserve them.

Sarasota Wind and Winter Adventures (221 Beach Road)

Highly rated and also an award-winning company for their kayak tours, this company offers tours, rentals, and lessons. You’ll be able to go on kayak fishing charters, and there are also paddleboard rentals, tours, and lessons that you can also book.

The kayak tours are mild with ample time to enjoy the beautiful wildlife and nature around you. Tour guides are very knowledgeable and will be able to show you hidden spots that non-locals often miss.

Wildlife You Can Expect to See on a Kayak Tour

Kayaking offers ample opportunities to see turtles in Siesta Key and other wonderful wildlife. You can take Siesta Key wildlife tours if you’re primarily interested in wildlife, but there is quite a lot to see when you’re kayaking.

sea turtle in the ocean

You’ll want to ask your tour operator what wildlife are in abundance when you book your tour – it changes by season – but a few of the wildlife you may be able to see are:

  • Cormorants, which are large birds, that you’ll see catching fish that are under and around the kayak.
  • Manatees are out in abundance, but if it’s too cold, your chances of seeing one are slim.
  • Dolphins can be spotted on some tours.
  • Jellyfish can be seen in the water.
  • Fish will swim all around the kayak and provide a colorful array of scenery for all guests on tours to enjoy.
  • Birds will be in abundance, too, with some diving into the water for food.
  • Sea urchins and sand dollars can also be found in the water.

A good tour guide will point out the wildlife to anyone taking a tour and will make the experience much better.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Kayak Tour

If you want to make the most out of your kayak tour, there are a few things that you can do to make the experience even better:

  • Bring water and snacks if you’re going on an extended tour.
  • Sunscreen should be applied to reduce your risk of sunburn.
  • Research the tour company to make sure they’re thorough and educate you on your tour.
  • Bring a camera along for the trip to allow you to remember the experience (a waterproof camera is best).
  • Shut off your phone to allow yourself time to appreciate nature without having to worry about texting or social media.
  • Go on tours that are designed for groups to experience Siesta Key with others.
flip flops and a beach hat

Kayaking tours are a fun experience, and by opting to go on a tour, you’ll be confident that you have the right equipment and supplies for your day on the water. Remember to dress for the water and to wear comfortable clothes. Apply sunscreen often to avoid burns, and make sure any kids on the trip also apply sunscreen often.

Plan Your Visit

When you book a ground floor condo with Crystal Sands, make sure to take the time to book yourself a fun, exciting kayak tour at the same time!

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