Play Sommelier for a Day When You Visit These Siesta Key Wine Bars

So, you’re looking to be a sommelier for a day? We have you covered! This helpful guide not only holds information on all the best Siesta Key wine bars to show off to your friends but provides helpful information on what to look for when tasting a wine. By the end of this article and your Siesta Key wine tastings, you’ll be a master sommelier and living your best Siesta Key life!

How to Properly Taste Wine

Believe it or not, there is indeed a proper way to taste wine! The good news is that no fancy tools are needed and anyone can do it. By utilizing four basic steps, you’ll have everything you need. The first step is going to be to look. Look at the color, the transparency, and the viscosity. 

Secondly, you’ll want to smell the wine. What notes are you getting? You’ll potentially smell primary aromas such as a variety of fruits and floral notes, secondary aromas, which arise from the winemaking process, such as nuts, beer, and cheese, and tertiary aromas, which arise from the aging process, such as vanilla, old tobacco, cedar, and various spices.

empty wine glass in hand

The third step will be to taste the wine. It seems silly, but your taste truly helps dissect the wine. Do you taste a sweetness? Bitterness? Do you taste a salty undertone? What’s the texture like? Obviously, wine is a liquid, but different wines can be perceived differently by the tongue. Ethanol tends to give a wine a texture because it’s a different viscosity than water. Our tongue can also be used to detect tannin. Tannin is responsible for the dry taste of red wines.

The last step is to measure the length. By this, how long did the wine stay with you? There is a beginning, when you start to sip, a middle, when you’re tasting, and an end, when you swallow and the wine leaves your mouth. Truly think about how long the taste of the wine hangs around.

Plan Your Next Stay

Trying to decide where to stay on a trip can be one of the most frustrating parts of planning. You certainly want to be close to all the things to do in Siesta Key, but don’t necessarily want to pay exorbitant pricing for your stay. Instead of searching, let us take care of you! Here at Crystal Sands, our team has the perfect Siesta Key condo rental for you! Apart from wine tastings, there are so many more Siesta Key activities that will be perfect for you! Contact us to book your dream lodging today!

Where Can You Experience a Wine Tasting?

white wine in glasses

Siesta Key Wine Bar is one of the best places to go in all of Siesta Key for a wine tasting. Frequently, this wine bar hosts events for select wine tastings to allow you to sample their wine and expand your ever-evolving palette. Keep in mind that Siesta Key Wine Bar also hosts special, private events! If you are looking to celebrate a special occasion with a wine tasting, look no further.

Clients of Vin Cella are eligible for wine tasting events. Vin Cella hosts a wide variety of exclusive wine testing events. These tasting events cover a wide variety of themes that are guaranteed to please every palette. In addition to these tasting events, Vin Cella also hosts private catered affairs for the aficionado looking to host a wine tasting with friends, coworkers, or close family.

As the host of many of the area’s finest wine events, Magnum Wine and Tasting has become a premiere destination for wine tastings not just among visitors, but among locals as well. Owned by Heath Cordes, Magnum Wine and Tasting is not just a place for wine, but a place for friends. The wine bar consistently hosts wine tastings events featuring premium wines from not only the United States, but from all around the world.

Bonnell’s Boutique & Winery combines two stores into one to make this the ultimate experience for you! Stop by for daily tastings of top Florida wines as well as an extensive selection of both American wines and wines from abroad. This boutique also doubles as a skin care clinic. Grab your glass of wine and enjoy a nice skin care treatment!

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