Sample Siesta Key Spiced Rum on Your Next Vacation

Are you a rum and cocktail enthusiast planning on visiting Siesta Key this year looking for an experience like none other? When you stay at a Siesta Key condo rental, we have the perfect place for you to visit.

Your stay wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t stop in and sample Siesta Key Rum! Crafted right here in Sarasota, Florida, every batch of rum is distilled with only the finest ingredients. Each ingredient they use is local and all-natural. Their creations are like none other. Not only can you come in and buy their rum from their shop, but they have something for you to spend the entire day doing! When planning out your things to do in Siesta Key, make sure that you have the Siesta Key Rum Distillery on your list!

Is Siesta Key Spiced Rum Legit?

With all the major named brands out there, you might be wondering to yourself, “Can I trust this rum?” Or, you may wonder, “Is this Siesta Key Spiced Rum any good?” When researching new brands, it’s natural to be skeptical about a small, hand-crafted brand. It’s not easy to find! But, according to all the awards and reviews, they’re completely legit!

The Caribbean Journal has rated Siesta Key Spiced Rum as one of the best rum distilleries in America. They also claim that it’s a gold-medal knock-out that isn’t only the best in America but also the Caribbean! And that’s not the only stellar review and accolade for Siesta Key. Even the Miami New Times has said it’s “possibly the tastiest rum in the world.” How can you go wrong with an endorsement like that? This is a great stop to make when you are enjoying holiday festivities in Siesta Key!

Wine Enthusiast Magazine rated it at 94 points, claiming it was “remarkably complex.” Another review from Wine Enthusiast rates them at a whopping 91 points! Siesta Key Spiced Rum is also the winner of many Spiced Rum of the Year awards by the Caribbean Journal. Each rum has also received individual awards for best taste and flavor. Siesta Key has been featured in over twenty articles, raving about how extraordinary their rum is! If that doesn’t make you want to go out and try a bottle of their rum, maybe a tour will give you the sample you need!

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Can I Visit the Distillery?

You can visit the distillery! If you have ever been curious about how rum is made, here is the perfect place to learn! This Siesta Key attraction is a hit with all rum and liquor lovers. You can register to take a 45-to-60-minute tour through the distillery and learn all about the process of rum making. The tour takes you through a walking history of how Siesta Key Rum came to be and the process behind the distillers. You’ll learn precisely what their distillers do to make their rum taste so great!

You can saddle up to the bar with the high-top tables and stools so you can sit comfortably. Your guide will teach you all there is to know about the Siesta Key Rums. But, before you can even start your tour, you’re encouraged to stop into their tasting room and gift shop to sample each of their rums. There are so many to choose from! There is a different bottle for every palate and every desire. Whether you’re looking for something smooth or something harder, Siesta Key Rums has exactly what you’re looking for. The tasting room is the perfect opportunity to sample each of their rums before you take a bottle (or two!) home with you.

A Great Souvenir

After you stop in and learn all about how they make their rum, swing by their shop and pick up a bottle! They make great souvenirs for remembering all about the process Siesta Key uses. Still unsure about which bottle you should pick up? Here’s a small guide to help you!

Running at around $20 a bottle, the Siesta Key Silver Rum is the perfect run as a base. If you’re looking for a rum to mix with cola or juices, this is the one for you. It’s the perfect base for all cocktails. It’s said that the small-batch silver rum is “as smooth as beach glass.”

For their traditional spiced rum, you’ll be spending roughly around $26 a bottle. This small-batch spiced rum is infused with authentic spices using old-school methods. Siesta Key then adds a bit of honey for sweetness. They make sure never to add any artificial sweeteners or flavors. They want you to have the purest taste! This rum has been awarded the Rummy award for best-spiced rum for many years in a row. It’s a must-try!

Also sitting at around $26 a bottle, the Siesta Key Toasted Coconut is another perfectly handcrafted small-batch rum. They have infused this rum with natural toasted coconut. Like with their spiced rum, they don’t use artificial flavors or sweeteners. This gives you the purest and most authentic taste of rum every time. By using real toasted coconuts, they stand out from the rest of the rum industry. While other companies use liquid flavoring, Siesta Key does not! They believe that the effort is worth it.

Are you looking for a different flavor? Their Beer Barrel Spiced Rum opens a whole new world for a new and exciting flavor. Siesta Key collaborates with craft brewers in the area to create this rum. The rum is aged in used beer barrels to infuse the rum with a light beer flavor.

While you’re at the distillery, you can pick up a special bottle. The Distiller’s Reserve has a personal touch only sold in the distillery tasting room. Made for the distiller’s enjoyment, everyone loved these batches so much that the distiller made even more! There’s a limited quantity of bottles, so make sure you get your bottle fast! Each batch spends time in bottles and uses the solera method to bottle. The fullest flavors of honey, spices, and Florida Cane sugar get refined over time with this method. This creates the best possible rum to enjoy however you like.

Sip Rum with a Beach View

While we know you have a ton of excellent plans with all the amazing siesta key attractions, you’re going to need a place to stay! When booking your stay here in Florida, why not settle into a Siesta Key beachfront rental! After spending all day at the Siesta Key rum tour, lay back and relax on the beach with your very own bottle of rum. Each rental is right on the beach and is perfect for relaxing the night away. Each rental is like having your bit of home right here on the Florida coast. There’s no better place to stay in Siesta Key than in one of our rentals.

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