Best Beachfront Condos in Siesta Key

Have you ever thought of heading right on over to the gorgeous shores of Siesta Key? Siesta Key is basically a big, bold, and beautiful little island along the Gulf coast of Florida. It has a small-town beach vibe, with fascinating boutique shops, a riveting art culture, and lots of lovely beachside things to do. The locals love to spend their afternoons on the beach or hanging out on the patio of a local coffee shop.

So here we are in Siesta Key and we can’t possibly recommend it enough. We have some really cool rentals for you as you enjoy the island life. Our vacation rentals sit right along the beach, and we have a number of top-floor penthouse units that overlook the glowing Gulf of Mexico. But some of our most popular rentals sit right on the building’s curve and are requested just as much as the top-floor “penthouse” units. These rentals offer breathtaking views as well as close access to the beach. These curve units are closest to the beach, so check out the assortment of some of the best condos so close to the beach here in sunny Siesta Key.

Condos closest to the Siesta Key beach

Top Floor Penthouse Condos

We are sure you won’t get enough of our penthouse Siesta Key vacation rentals.

You can also obtain some of our penthouse rentals for a full two-week period. Ask us anything you need to know about special rates and features for our 2-week condo rentals on Siesta Key.

Groundfloor Condo Units

Our groundfloor condos in Siesta Key are perhaps the most accommodating and welcoming for families. You can gain special and quick access right to the beach. Your patio space will open up right to the water or poolside area where guests are quietly relaxing and lounging. Our groundfloor units are easily the condos closest to the beach.

Siesta Key beachfront condo rentals

Crescent Beach Siesta Key Rentals

Crescent Beach is an absolutely dazzling place to be, and a calm alternative to the center of Siesta Key. It is a productive and rewarding place to relax as you take advantage of convenient kitchen amenities, staff service, and updated décor.

Siesta Key Rentals Close to a Pool

Looking for a nice stay by the pool? You can keep a quick eye on the pool space with one of our Siesta Key rentals closest to a pool. It is a really rewarding way to keep an eye on the kids at all times.

crescent beach siesta key rentals

Best Siesta Key Beachfront Condos

We have some of the best Siesta Key vacation condos on the island! There’s likely a unit we have that will cater to what you’re looking for. Do you want a relaxing vacation by the poolside? Do you want virtually instant access to the beach? Or how about our Siesta Key beachfront condos with the best views?

Clearly, we have one of the most unique buildings on Siesta Key with its signature curved structure. In addition to being located right on the beach, one of the best things about Crystal Sands is our unique “stack” structure. The way our building is organized allows every single unit to have an oceanfront view. Basically, the way the stacks work is that all the units across all floor levels are stacked on top of each other like columns.

As of 2019, the units we have available in these stacks are listed and linked below.

Stack 2 Condo Units of Crystal Sands

These units are a little more on the quiet side of Crystal Sands since this stack is further away from the pool. Units 0402, 0502, and 0602 have a quick elevator ride to help you get the beach as fast as possible. Units 1102 and 1202 are on the top floors with the most ethereal views you could possibly ask for!

Stack 3 Crystal Sands Condo Units

Both Stacks 3 and 4 have the most direct view of the ocean. Both stacks also include a groundfloor unit. The units in stack 3 include the following: 0103, 0203, 0703, and 0903.

Stack 4 Crystal Sands Condo Units

Stack 4 is one of the most popular stacks among the Crystal Sands condos. We have a groundfloor unit (number 0104), and a penthouse unit (number 1204), and everything in between: 0204, 0304, 0404, 0704, 0904, and 1004. Take your pick and stay right on the ocean!

Stack 5 Condo Units of Crystal Sands

Finally, of the four stacks closest to the beach with the best head-on views, stack 5 is closest to the pool (right along with stacks 6, 7, and 8). These units are some of the closest to the pool. If you expect your kids will spend the vast majority of their time bouncing along in the tranquil and clear pool water, definitely give these units a look: 0205, 0305, 0505, 0605, 0805, and 1105.

Plan Your Next Stay

Take your pick and make the dive to book your upcoming magical 2-week getaway right here at Crystal Sands!

Something For Everyone

We have a little something for every preference, whether it be a ground floor unit with special benefits no other condo can offer, a penthouse unit with panoramic views of the ocean, a unit from Stacks 2, 3, 4, or 5 with the grandest close-up views of the ocean, the quiet side of Crystal Sands (Stacks 1 and 2), or a condo close to a pool.

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