Why You Should Stay in a Siesta Key Beachside Villa

Siesta Key is the definitive island locale for the purest white sand beaches in the USA. The iconic bright-white glow of the sands attracts thousands every season for some unrestrained wild fun in the sun.

Siesta Key is located on the Gulf of Mexico, right outside Sarasota, and it is this exact location that lends it its unique attributes of shell-filled beaches and crystal white sands.

We love showcasing the best of the key. This is why we have lined up some stunning Siesta Key beachside villas. Stay on a place at the beach and enjoy a riveting and memorable vacation for your next getaway. We have many different styles of rental along the beaches of Siesta Key– which one works for you?

Bungalows, Villas, and Condos, oh My!

Condo with beautiful views of the Gulf in Siesta Key Florida

There are bungalows, villas, and condos, and they all offer a starkly different design and style. The differences are often subtle, so don’t get too caught up in which one is the absolute best. But they do provide different experiences.

For one, a bungalow focuses on wideness. Bungalows are usually single-story, with a distinct patio, veranda, and yard. They are also commonly used for romantic retreats.

A condo is short for a condominium. A condo is not so different from a typical apartment complex, but they are usually luxury and filled with top amenities, like a pool, Jacuzzi, tennis, and more.

You can check out our beachfront vacation condos to learn more about the condo vacation life.

Finally, we have villas. Villas are detached homes with a specific focus on space and atmosphere. Many villas are located right along coastal waters or in a gorgeous green space. Villas are beloved for their luxury and on-site amenities, and they may often come with additional services and conveniences, like fresh linens and cleaning.

Beach bungalow, a villa on the water, or a condo in the sky- it’s all amazing!

The Best Beachside Villas to Stay at in Siesta Key

So many places to stay and so little time. Out of all our rentals, we love highlighting our beachside villas. They represent the best way to experience the magic of Siesta Key. We cover our best beachside villas for you and whoever is lucky enough to come by for the fun.

living room of villa 1 at crystal sands in siesta key

Crystal Sands – Villa 1

The updated decor in Villa 1 will really capture your vacationing spirit.

outside shot of villa 9 at crystal sands

Crystal Sands – Villa 9

Our villa 9 has a gorgeous entrance space, leading right up to a dining area and the outside gardens. It’s a beautiful and warm introduction.

living area of villa 11 in siesta key

Crystal Sands – Villa 11

Villa 11 has a private garage space and a stunning view of the palm-lined boulevard. Get access to a year-round heated pool.

Well decorated living area in Villa 13 in crystal sands siesta key

Crystal Sands – Villa 13

The bright blues and the gorgeous lighting will immediately capture your attention. Splashes of color coat every part of this dazzling and whimsical beach villa.

Dining and kitchen area of Villa 15

Crystal Sands – Villa 15

The fully stocked kitchen in this Villa and just jaw-dropping kitchen decor will entertain any cooking enthusiast. The open kitchen layout to the living area is ideal for visitors who love to entertain, cook, and bring all their friends along!

View from villa 17 at Crystal Sands in Siesta Key

Plan Your Next Trip

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Crystal Sands – Villa 17

An utterly massive living room space carries your eyes through the whole villa. Dark leather furniture matched with bright lighting sets a stunning contrast.

Overview shot inside Villa 20

Crystal Sands – Villa 20

The open floor, updated décor, and close proximity to the beach make this villa a treat for guests. Relax by the windows in our multiple Florida blue chairs in our lovely living room nook.
Stay at the beach as you spend time exploring these options. Get a feel for the condo vacation life by reviewing our top 5 penthouse condos.

The above terms, especially bungalow and villa, are sometimes used interchangeably- and that’s okay! We prioritize luxury no matter where you stay!

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