Siesta Key Craft Beer and Pizza Pies

Craft beer and artisanal foods have both had a huge surge in popularity in recent years. As more people catch on to this trend, the demand climbs for greater quality and sustainability in food and drinks. Ultimately this means tastier local products coming into the market. Siesta Key restaurants are no exception.

Enter Pi 3.14 Craft Beer & Spirits. Pi is a pizza place which boasts a great selection of craft beers from local Florida craft breweries. Nestled in the heart of Siesta Key, Pi is a quick stroll from the beach, parks, and trails on the key. It’s a perfect spot to grab a bite and a brew for those staying at one of the nearby Siesta Key condo rentals.

Pizza and beer at Pi 3.14 in Siesta Key, FL

Casual Surf Design

The restaurant has a casual surf design on the interior with a beachside view outdoors. Despite the low-key design, 3.14 has an upbeat atmosphere. Festive live music, movie nights, car shows, and accommodating staff all help to make sure you are well fed and entertained during your visit.

Pizza Time!

A quick chat with the staff and the locals who dine here will clearly show their enthusiasm for pizza. Every pizza here is handcrafted and baked in Italian style wood ovens. The crust is hearty but thin, leaving space in your stomach for the generous toppings. There are also gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options available so everyone can enjoy the experience.

Pi’s menu sports classics like margherita, deluxe, and supreme pizzas (with amusing names, like the “Sunset” and the “Island All-in”). Other interesting picks include the Teriyaki with grilled chicken, the White Sands with ricotta, spinach and broccoli, and the Gulf Coast with pesto, shrimp and calamari. You can customize your pizza too by adding toppings.

Something really cool about Pi is that the chefs have their own signature dishes, like the taco pizza. Be sure to check their social media for updates or ask on-site if they’re serving anything special.

Non-Pizza Selections

If you’re not feeling pizza but want something similar, Pi also well known for its Stromboli and calzones. Both are mouth-watering menu options packed with rich cheese, sauce and your choice of toppings, and covered with freshly baked crusts. They also have killer wings and other snacks on the menu.


3.14 doesn’t brew its own beer, but it does keep a healthy stock of craft beers in store. Local Florida offerings on tap include beers from the JDub and Funky Buddha brewing companies. There’s a good selection of IPAs, fruity picks (pineapple is a hit) and cool malty dark beers. The staff does a good job at curating a selection of rotating casks and limited-edition beers. Finally, they also keep a good stock of quality imports like double and triples ales from Belgium, hoppy wheat beers from Germany and other great picks from around the world.


Their focus on small-batch and quality also extend to spirits. 3.14 has a great range of rye and bourbon whiskeys from all over the country. Their spirits come from many different casks, ages, and mashes. Be sure to ask your bartender what they’re serving. Don’t forget to check out the tropical cocktails which perfect for a cool escape from the hot Gulf Coast beach as well!


Pi 3.14 sits on 5263 Ocean Boulevard, near the beach on the north side of the key. No need to stress getting there. You can easily saunter over from one of our Siesta Key vacation rentals.

Once you’ve gotten a taste for the local beer, you may want to take some time to explore Sarasota craft breweries. Many of them have gone all out. Not just brewing, but decorating, inviting guests for tours, and pairing their beers with some delicious bites as well. These breweries have come into old warehouses and other businesses reviving them into a bustling new industry.

With the explosion of great food and beer hitting in full force, craft enthusiasts don’t have any reason to shy away from Siesta Key. While you’re in the area, there are a lot of beaches and parks to discover on the neighboring keys, and tons of attractions on the Sarasota mainland. Whether you’re into nature, history, art or fine food for Valentine’s Day, there’s sure to be something for you.

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