Siesta Key Drum Circle Welcomes You

Every Sunday evening, a wave of primal energy sweeps across the pleasant white sand beach on the Florida Gulf. The Siesta Key Drum Circle, a night of free-spirited fun, is just a stone’s throw away from some of the most dazzling Siesta Key beachside villas. Musicians, dancers, performers, and sometimes crazy stunt artists, mingle with everyone else to create a spectacle that you can have a direct hand in. 

The circle is a local tradition that developed organically over time and has been going strong since 1996.  There are no shops, vendors, other meetings or distractions – all the better to get lost in the magic of the moment. Best of all, it’s family-friendly and completely free.

How to Find It

All year long, the Siesta Key Drum Circle meets on Siesta Beach, on 948 Beach Road between lifeguard posts numbered three and four. If you find yourself traveling down the Gulf coast, there are also beach drum circles in the towns of Englewood and Nokomis south of Siesta Key.

The circle always gathers about an hour before sunset. You can easily find the time of sunset online, or head to the beach in the afternoon and watch the crowd slowly form. It would be a good idea to come early anyway to find parking. The beach can get surprisingly busy for a Sunday evening!

Not sure where exactly to look? No problem. If you’re not familiar with the area, you will likely hear the drummers before you see them. When you do see the crowd gathering, you will find a scene of organized chaos, a mass of people all striving toward a sense of unity.

beach bongos in siesta key
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A Drum Circle and So Much More

There is no target demographic for the Siesta Key Drum Circle. There is no script or path to follow. The event welcomes people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and artistic inclinations. The weekly repetition of the drum circle helps retain its regularity without infringing on its spontaneity. Whether you come once a week or once a year, there is a powerful energy to behold as this ritual takes place.

The cool and soft Siesta Key sand and the sunset tapestry on the sky set the stage for the drum circle. It is quickly populated by all sorts of people and the various instruments, ornaments and costumes they’ve brought. It’s not unusual for people to dress up in full tropical garb, tye-dye or traditional garments from their own cultures. Kids and adults of all ages are encouraged to dance. Hula hoops and glowing lights gradually add to the ambiance as the sun begins to set.

No two drum circles are the same. There are certainly regulars, but people come from all over the country to take part. You might see professional belly dancers, jugglers, even fire breathers. There may or may not be a moderator which helps to guide the flow of the drumming. Even so, this does not mean that anyone else will be barred. You can participate as much or as little as you like, and there is no pressure whatsoever to fit in or stand out. 

Engage all your senses, watch the spectacle, and feel the rhythm pulsating through the air.

Of all the great things to do in Siesta Key, this is one which really helps to bring people together and build community.

Join the Fun

If you’re heading to the Siesta Key Drum Circle, you may want to bring your own drum, but this is certainly not required. Any portable drum, tambourine or shaker will do. There is a local store called Positive RePercussions on the island which specializes in these kinds of drums and is definitely worth checking out.

Bring anything you would normally bring to the beach, such as chairs, blankets, and a cooler or bag with some snacks. Whether you want to sit back and watch from afar or actively participate, there is space on the beach for you and your group. Plan to stay awhile as the party will continue well into the dark. 

Plan Your Visit

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After you’ve feasted your senses, feast on some local seafood, and check out all that Siesta Key has to offer. There are lots of attractions just minutes away from our Crescent Beach Siesta Key rentals. Come be part of the community.

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