The Private Beach of Crystal Sands

One of the main perks of our Siesta Key condo rentals is that guests are close to the Crystal Sands Beach. A major downside of the area is that the beaches in front of houses and condos are private, but when booking one of our condos, guests enjoy private access to the Crystal Sands on Siesta Key.

Private access allows guests to enjoy a day in the sun without crowds of people.

There’s a lot of things to do in Siesta Key, and most tourists will book a two-week stay to enjoy all that the local area has to offer.

Enjoy Our Private Beach with These 3 Activities

Crystal Sands provides ample opportunity for a lot of activities, but the three main activities that people enjoy are:

1. Sand Sculpting

Sand sculpting is fun at any age. If you’re artistic and want to sculpt, our beautiful sand is perfect for the occasion. Sand sculpting is a fun activity that everyone on the beach can enjoy.

2. Sunbathing

The sun beats down on the white sand beaches, offering ample opportunity to work on your tan. You can rent an umbrella or cabana for some shade, or apply some sunscreen and sit out for a few hours.

One of the luxuries of a private beach is that you can lay out and not be on top of other guests.

3. Shelling

As one of the best shelling beaches in Florida, Crystal Sands allows guests to take a leisurely walk down the beach to collect shells. Shelling may be a popular choice across the United States, but it’s a major event for many in Southwest Florida.

Walk along the sandy beaches, collect and examine shells and bring them back to your rental to wash them off.

all different types of seashells

When enjoying a day at Crystal Sands, make sure not to pass the point of rocks during high tide. Highwater marks are all public property. If you need an umbrella or cabana, a service is provided, too.

If you don’t want to walk through the hot sands, enjoy a dip in our heated pool right near the beach.

The pool overlooks the beach, so you’ll have all of the majestic views without stepping foot on the white sandy beaches. Simply walk through the glass door lobby and you’ll be right by the pool and the beach.

5 Restaurants Within Walking Distance

There are a lot of restaurants near Crystal Sands, but five restaurants are within walking distance. 

1. (0.4 mi) Pazzo Italiano is a short walk from all of our condos and serves delectable Italian food.

2. (0.22 mi) Beach Walk at Henderson Park Inn provides stunning views of the ocean, with an extensive seafood menu and some American food.

3. (0.48 mi) Sarah K’s Gourmet offers a wide variety of American and seafood and is the perfect location for a late-night meal.

4. (0.58 mi) Half Shell Oyster House of Destin serves American and seafood options and is known for its oysters and burgers.

5. (0.17 mi) Camille’s has a little something for everyone, from pizza to sushi. The restaurant focuses primarily on American and seafood options.

Other Details and Information About Crystal Sands Beach

Crystal Sands Beach is open: Mon – Tue (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM), Thu – Sat (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM).

The beach forms a crescent down to the point of the rocks and spans about 10 miles in length. 

Where is Crystal Sands Beach?

Crystal Sands is on Crescent Beach. Guests will be able to walk outside of our beachside villas to access the beach. If you’ve been to the area before, you may have missed Crystal Sands because it’s a large, private beach in the middle of Crescent Beach.

Three kids play soccer by while sun sets at beach
Photo from Unsplash

Is Crystal Sands a Private Beach?

Yes. The beach is private, but of course, down by the shoreline, it’s available to the public as well. It’s also close to Turtle Beach if you want to go to an area that has public and private beach access. 

When you’re out on the beach, we encourage you to take a walk south of the point of rocks where you’ll find plenty of shells and great opportunities for snorkeling. If you walk north from this location, you’ll reach the public beach and walk directly into town where there are eateries and other fun activities.

Staying in Siesta Key

Our Siesta Key beachside villas offer the best of both worlds: close access to Crystal Sands yet close enough to restaurants and other fun activities! Book now!

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