These Sarasota Labyrinths are Perfect for a Bit of Meditation on Your Siesta Key Vacation

What is a Labyrinth?

Once famed parts of Greek mythology, today’s labyrinths can be found in sacred spaces, retreat centers, hospitals, colleges, and private gardens worldwide. They are comprised of multiple paths, all leading to the same center, but unlike mazes, do not include any dead ends. For some, the journey through them is a walking meditation symbolic of spiritual transformation. To others, it is an enjoyable means of exploration and meandering. Give one of these meditative attractions a try on your next stay in a Siesta Key condo rental.


How Do You Use a Labyrinth?

In the Sarasota area, many churches have adapted labyrinths as a means of enhancing spirituality. Throughout history, cultures around the world have used labyrinths, but the first Christian labyrinth dates to 324 AD in Northern Africa. There has been a recent revitalization of incorporating such architecture into religious spaces. Some worshipers pray as they walk to the center and intercede for people and concerns while returning outside. This practice is not exclusive to Christianity and is practiced among many faiths.

Even those who are not explicitly religious will find a quiet, peaceful opportunity for reflection. 

Where can I find labyrinths in Sarasota? 

Looking for a labyrinth? Saint Boniface Episcopal Church has one tucked away in an inner courtyard, not immediately visible from the outside. It is a beautiful spot to visit at sunrise or sunset and includes a fountain and a place to sit. Brochures are available to explain the history of the labyrinth and the best way to experience it. If you have extra time, the sanctuary is worth a tour for its beautiful stain-glass windows and pipe organ. The church is located at 5615 Midnight Pass Road, not far from Siesta Key Beach

stone labyrinth

First Presbyterian Church’s prayer labyrinth is based on the 11-circuit labyrinth of Chartres Cathedral in France. The labyrinth has special historical significance to the church as the bricks used in the labyrinth’s construction were from the original street built in 1928 that ran in front of the church. Approximately 37.5 tons of bricks were used in the creation of the labyrinth. It is secluded from the parking lot and Fellowship Hall by a 2-foot high wall to give worshipers privacy. This wall creates a unique sound amplification, which was only discovered after its construction. The labyrinth may be visited at 2050 Oak Street. 

Experience a walking meditation at the labyrinth of Unity of Sarasota, located at 3023 Proctor Road between Swift and Beneva. It is also a replica of the ancient labyrinth found in France and offers a peaceful, alternate way to pray. The labyrinth is located outdoors at the end of the parking lot outside of the Fellowship Hall. Come any time of the year, weather permitting. 

Stay In Siesta Key

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The Church of the Trinity MCC offers a mulch path labyrinth outlined in pavers underneath large oak trees. This idyllic location is perfect for meditation because of its large size and distance from traffic. Visit at 7225 Lockwood Ridge Road. 

For a labyrinth off the beaten path, consider Saint Margaret of Scotland Episcopal Church at 8700 State Road 72. The labyrinth here is a contemporary three-circuit dirt path with a rock outline. Though small, it is every bit as valuable a place for contemplation. 

Are they open to the public?

Each church will inevitably have their own opening hours and rules regarding visitation. In all cases, the labyrinths are open to the general public free of charge. No matter your religious background, you are welcome in these beautiful sacred spaces. 

On your next trip to the labyrinths, consider finding a place to stay near Sarasota. Our Siesta Key vacation condo rentals include luxury condominiums, including tower and villa units. All rentals are just a short drive from Sarasota and within walking distance from Siesta Key Village with its many shops and restaurants. In addition to this, guests receive beachfront access to Crystal Sands private beach. From church labyrinths to the natural beauty of its beaches, Siesta Key provides the perfect opportunity to step away from the day-to-day stress of life and find peace. 

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