Top 5 Fishing Seasons of Florida

Siesta Key is known for its glorious white sand beach havens, its majestic dolphin sighting, and it’s epic year-round fishing.

And it is the fishing which captures the imagination of water-loving adventure-seekers from all over the world. The Florida fishing seasons calendar for Siesta Key is specific and detailed, chronicling exactly how, where, and when you can find the best catch imaginable.

We take a brief look at the top five fishing seasons for the year. Keep in mind, a fishing license is required in Florida for both residents and non-residents, and this includes both onshore and offshore fishing.

Fishing on the ocean pier

Tarpon Season

Tarpon season is spring and summer. Tarpon are interesting because they collect in both the rivers and the bay gulf for the majority of the season. Tarpon are also famously non-picky. You can nab one with diced bait, lures, live bait, and even chum for offshore.

We suggest you reach out to the Tarpon Bay Explorers, located at 900 Tarpon Bay Road, to learn more intricate details about catching Tarpon during the season. The team offers dedicated trips to the gulf for the fish and is considered the area’s premiere Tarpon experts.

Red Snapper Season

numerous fish laid out at a fish market

The Red snapper season in Florida is short. You can expect red snapper season in Gulf waters to run from June 11th to July 11th. The season may expand if the quota is available, but don’t count on it. It is also stated that red snapper catch is one per person, per day. If you plan to go after red snapper, be prepared and focused.

Redfish Season

Redfish season of Florida carries all year long. The fish will spawn from August to November in the offshore waters, making them viable catches offshore during the peak of winter and move inshore in the spring. There is some speculation that the season will be limited in the near future due to area damage, but this is not yet confirmed or approved.

We recommend you try some beach fishing if you plan to go after redfish. Onshore fishing at the Lighthouse Pier and the Blind Pass bridge will often turn up some good size redfish.

Grouper Season

Grouper is another fish that can be reasonably aught all year round. The best way to catch grouper is by using bottom and trolling techniques. Grouper is more widely caught in the offshore. You can use a variety of techniques, like cut live bait, jigs, and chum to nail grouper. Keep in mind, the catching limits are restrictive. The gulf grouper has different limits as well compared to the Atlantic grouper (notably, goliath grouper fishing is completely banned).

Plan Your Next Trip

Where there’s fish, there are usually water birds too. So if fishing’s not your thing, check out the area for birding opportunities. Either way, book your stay in Siesta Key for your next beach vacation.

Cobia Season

Cobia is a treasured gem for Florida fishermen. The long gray body and white lateral stripes dazzle under the surface of the water, giving you brief teases and glimpses as they soar. These tricky fish are usually caught from Mid-March into May, sometimes running deep into the summer. Official cobia season runs from spring into summer, but cobia is considered prime early season sport fishing, with the best catch offshore, migrating inshore as the season progresses.

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